Monday, February 17, 2014


I’ve mentioned that I’ve spent some time looking at videos on YouTube related to international adoption to give me some insight into what issues and problems my daughter might face as she grows up.  An amusing one was made by actress Samantha Futerman, who was adopted from Korea by a New Jersey family.* I doubt that she ever thought that her videos would lead her down the path she’s on.
About a year ago, Futerman got a strange e-mail from a young Frenchwoman, Anaïs Bordier, who was in London studying fashion design.  Futerman was astonished because Bordier asked some remarkably well-informed questions about where she was from and when she was born.
It turns out that they are twin sisters.  IDENTICAL twin sisters.
Oh, they’ve had a DNA test just to make sure, but it was pretty obvious to me just from looking at them.  They have been raising money via Kickstarter to make a documentary of their story, which was recently covered by Josh Elliot of “Good Morning America” (Elliot is himself an adoptee).**
Adoptees often wonder about their birth family: parents and siblings.  Futerman and Bordier, at least, can stop wondering about part of their hidden past.
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