Saturday, May 31, 2014


After nearly thirty hours and three airplane rides, we're home.  Both sets of grandparents, uncle, aunt, big cousin, and friends were waiting at the airport.  How nice to get such a warm welcome home!  Caroline did pretty well on the plane rides, especially the long flight from Beijing to Detroit.  A small group of professional dancers was on the plane next to Chrystal, and Caroline charmed them.  She also picked up a few dance moves; they urged that we get her into dance lessons as soon as possible.

I want to say a word or two about airport officials.  While I resent being patted down, questioned, scanned, and otherwise treated like a convict in Supermax, I have to say that at least the Chinese are rather more pleasant about it than our own TSA and ICE (or whatever it's called this week).  Yes, ICE got us processed pretty quickly in Detroit, but they were pretty grim about it.  The Chinese cops at least would crack a smile, especially at Caroline.

As we'd feared, Caroline is still on China time and woke us up at 4:00a.  She's quickly getting more used to the dogs; Mallory especially has been very good with her (as predicted, Sheepdog just sort of ignores her).  Caroline succeeded in using a sippy cup and a spoon, though much practice is needed.  She found more success in just grabbing her oatmeal... and smearing it all over her face.  Sigh... I'm told that this is normal for small children.

Who needs a spoon when you've got fingers???

Incidentally, her high chair was used by myself, my brother, our father and his older sister.

It's so great to be home.


  1. Welcome home! So glad that you survived the very long trip home!

    1. Thank you. Nearly thirty hours of taxis, airports, planes and the in-laws' car was a bit... wearing.

  2. Love every detail so I can only imagine your excitement!!!