Monday, December 1, 2014

Scary smart?

I preface my remarks by saying that the psychology of two year-olds and child development generally are subjects about which I know nothing.  This being said, I am starting to wonder that my daughter may be scary smart, which bodes ill for the future.  Perhaps other parents can comment on how "normal" these things are:

--- Caroline is disturbed by little bits of dead skin around her finger nails.  She went to my wife the other day complaining of a "boo-boo" on her thumb.  Chrystal told her to go to me to get it clipped off.  Now, I don't normally carry clippers, though I happened to have a pair in my pocket.  Caroline went up to me, pointed to the pocket where I had them, then to her thumb and said, "Boo-boo."

How did she know not only that I had clippers, not only which pocket they were in, but that this was what I would need to fix her boo-boo???  Clippers are not exactly an everyday object for her.

--- I carelessly left a dirty diaper in her bedroom after changing her.  A few minutes later, she brought it out, took it to the kitchen, and threw it in the trash.  Mark you, she threw it in the trash, not the adjacent and more accessible recycle bin.

How did she know to do this, especially as we don't throw her diapers into the kitchen trash???

--- I was emptying the dishwasher.  Caroline began to pull out items and, though she can't (yet) reach drawers and cabinets, she was taking things to their proper places.

--- She has recently taken to getting her little hands on the leash and chasing Mallory around, trying to hook her on.  I expect that it won't be long before she figures out the snap link.  Note that she doesn't try to put Sheepdog on a leash as she never needs one.

--- She has figured out how to climb up on a chair to get at things on the dining room table (which, in one case, led to salt all over her and the floor).

Maybe these things are perfectly normal for a small child, but they strike me as pretty astonishing.  Am I wrong?


  1. No idea, as I've never had a little one! But you'd better keep your electronics locked up! ;) She'll be buying things in the app store in no time!

    1. Cassandra, she certainly loves going shopping. When she figures out she can buy clothes online, we are definitely in trouble.