Thursday, March 19, 2015

"One Child"

I only just discovered this series, so I can't yet say how good it is.

"One Child" is the story of an adoptee Mei Ashley who, while studying astrophysics in her college in London, gets a message:

"Urgent.  If you are the Mei Ashley adopted from the Guangzhou orphanage in 1992 please contact Pan Qianyi."

It is a message from her birth mother.

Mei quickly learns that her birth mother is desperate to see her as Mei's brother (born after her adoption by an Anglo-American couple) is being framed for murder, and her birth mother has some belief that Mei, as a British citizen, can help to clear his name.

I suppose the writers put the murder into the story to generate interest among viewers not acquainted with / interested in international adoption, but there was quite enough power in just the few scenes I've watched so far.

--- The look on Mei's face when she gets the first message.  Apprehension.  Excitement.  Curiosity.  Suspicion.  "Why would somebody in China have to contact me?  Who... is the only person it COULD be?"

--- Mei learning that the birthmark on her leg is actually a wax burn put there by her birth motherbso that she might be able to identify her... one day.

--- The reaction of her parents.  They dealt with it better than I think I would: though initially suspicious ("It's a scam."), they quickly gave their total support and blessing to their daughter, revealing that they had set aside money for her to make a trip to China if she chose.

--- Mei in her bedroom, looking at a toy British soldier sitting next to a little Chinese trinket.  Opening the box with the shoes she wore on the day of her adoption.  Looking at the documents.

--- Finally, the scene where Mei meets her birth mother.  "She won't even look at me," she complains to the reporter.

"She is ashamed."

Whether it turns out to be a good crime drama remains to be seen, but I think I'll be watching the rest.

"One Child" (2014)
dir. John Alexander


  1. I watched this a while ago. It was interesting to say the least. The first part was the best part - the second part started to drag and was .... lets just say not at all what I expected after watching the 1st part. I guess I didn't know what to expect so in my mind it was way different.
    I can't wait to hear what you think of it after seeing the rest of the story.

    1. I am into ep. 2. It is tough going for me. I normally enjoy movies with a moral quandary, but this is hard even by my standards. Birth mother so clearly cherishes her son. What about her daughter???

      I have often thought that, if I ever met our daughter's birth father, I'd like to wring his neck. But... does he deserve that?

      My God, that this happened to our children.

  2. I've never heard of it but I'm curious to hear your thoughts as you progress.