Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunday Snapshot:  Our Sweet Baby Girl

We found out this week that since we have LOA we are allowed to share photos of our sweet baby girl.  We absolutely adore her and cannot wait to bring her home.  We are hoping to travel mid-May, but our agency thinks we may get pushed to early June. 

Caroline is currently 16 months old and if the stats we received are accurate, she is very tall.  She is described as being very sweet, friendly and loves her foster parents and foster sister.  Even though we can't wait to get her, part of me hurts for her foster family.  They have loved her so much.  We are so appreciative of their care of her.  Caroline's foster sister will be joining her family soon too and I'm sure it is going to be really tough on the Foster Parents to lose both of them so close together.

We have received about 20 photos of Caroline.  These are 2 of my favorites.

Caroline at 14 months:


Caroline at 11 months.  She looks like she is very happy and full of personality.


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  1. She is adorable! I think her little tounge sticking out is too cute!! I bet you all are so excited to meet her. She certainly is loved already. You are blessed to have 20 photos! That is truly awesome.

    1. Thanks Ally!!! We can't wait to meet her. We were so surprised that they sent us so many photos. My Dad loves her pout photos. I will have to post one of those soon. She definitely knows how to express her feelings with her face. My dilemma of the day is whether to buy a crib. Just not sure what to do. Many families on Facebook have said that their little ones rejected the crib. Did Lia use a crib?

  2. Love seeing pictures of your sweet girl! She is absolutely precious! How wonderful that you have 20 pictures - we have about 4 original ones and then about 8 additional from two updates that we arranged through a service! Can't wait to follow along on your trip to bring her home!

    Blessings, Ashley