Monday, September 29, 2014

Myrtle Beach

We took a trip to Myrtle Beach over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather was not terribly cooperative, with wind, clouds and drizzle for much of the trip.  No great loss as far as Caroline was concerned as the beach holds nothing but terror for her (though she loves to LOOK at the ocean... from the safety of a hotel room balcony).

Not so the other attractions!

Clowning around

At the aquarium

At the Christmas Store, giving ol' Baba a heart attack by grabbing every (fragile) ornament she could

And, of course, her favorite thing, which we drove hundreds of miles* to see...

A coin-operated car ride (apparently from Britain)


(*) As I've gotten older, two great mysteries have arisen in my mind surrounding Myrtle Beach:

1.  Why is this a tourist destination at all?  There are much better beaches along the coasts of the Carolinas and Georgia, and the Gulf Coast of Florida is VERY nice.  Myrtle Beach, on the other hand, is like swimming in a dirty ashtray.  Why, then, is it so popular?  Good marketing?

2.  Given its popularity as a vacation spot in this part of the country, one would think that getting there would be very easy, as in twelve-lane interstates from north, south and west.  Not so: the path to Myrtle Beach is a torturous journey along state highways that are often the main street of little towns along the way.  Weird...


  1. LOL. Love the photos!! Hopefully next time you'll get to visit a nicer beach.

    1. At this stage of the game, that wouldn't do us much good as she HATES the beach. Honestly, she was trying to climb me like I was a tree to get away from the (two inch deep) surf.