Monday, October 20, 2014

A busy weekend

This was a busy weekend for Caroline: her first punkin patch and a trip to a local amusement park.  Thanks to the wonders of smart phones and digital cameras (ever stop to ponder just what a marvel the smart phone is?), we documented it pretty well.  How much of our own lives* is documented by a relative handful of faded, blurry photos and slides?

Marketing genius: don't just sell pumpkins.  The owners of this patch also had stands to sell other treats as well as lots of old wagons and other photo props.  Business was definitely booming for them!
Oh, my!  Look at all these... um... round, orange things!
Well, Mama and Baba said I should pick one.
Taking a moment to dance.  She did that quite often during the day.
Wow!  Don't think I can pick this one up, but I'll try!
As I noted above, business was booming with people bringing their children not only to buy pumpkins but also to take photos.  Caroline made a new friend.  The little girl's grandmother said that she was shy; Caroline didn't let that stop her!

The following day, we met a friend and her two boys at a local amusement park.  This was Caroline's first experience with a "cow train." It... might have gone better...
Um... OK.  Not too sure about this.  I'm strapped down in this thing.  But at least Mama and Baba are standing right there, so I guess everything's cool.
And we're off!  As you see, the "train" was nothing spectacular, but it and other things around the park provided lots of cheap entertainment.  Again, marketing genius!

Caroline, unfortunately, was less interested in appreciating the genius and more interested in... um...

Caroline actually managed to unbuckle her seatbelt and was on the point of hurling herself from the "train" when the alert operator saw what was going on and stopped the ride.  She was OK riding with an adult (too bad we haven't got photos of ol' Baba trying to squeeze into the car!) but by herself?  Not so much.

In all, quite a nice weekend.


(*) I refer to those of us ol' timers who can remember such things as:
(A) Putting a large, black plastic disk onto a device to listen to music
(B) Shoving a large magnetic tape cassette into another device to watch a movie
(C) Talking on a phone connected by an actual wire into the wall
(D) Taking film to be developed and putting prints into an envelope to mail them to loved ones so they could see them
How times have changed!


  1. I'm "only" 32 and I remember all four of those things. ;)

    I love how that pumpkin is almost as big as Caroline!!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of pumpkins! Caroline is adorable. I love reading about all her adventures and your pictures of her are beautiful. My husband has finally agreed to let me take a photography class online and I remember finding one I liked last winter. The teacher had posted some of her students' images and I recognized one of yours from your blog. I think it was one of your husband in the snow. Anyway, now I can't seem to find that class anymore and I was hoping you could tell me where to find it. Thank you so much in advance.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for all your adoption-related posts. They are so thoughtful and thought-provoking as we wait to be matched with our daughter in China. Lots of discussion topics come from your blog!

    I am so happy to see how well Caroline has settled right into your family. She is just precious!

    ~ Carrie

    1. Thank you. We think she's pretty incredible (even with the Terrible Twos!).

      Very glad to know that the posts are helpful. There were several blogs that were helpful and inspirational to us as we went through the process. It can be sooooo long and frustrating, but our daughter has been such a blessing; the wait was totally worth it. Good luck with the journey to your daughter.

      Finally, see the blog in our sidebar "Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy Nine". Nancy is not only an excellent photography teacher but also has been a great help to us with advice about adoption and parenting. Hope you enjoy classes with her. I add that her photo club has many members who are also adoptive parents and even some adoptees.

    2. - This is the link to the page where Nancy posts her class. She will probably do another Manual & More class in the spring. She is starting intermediate classes as well. I'm taking one now. She also does Lightroom classes which is my main source for a clean edit. Nancy is a great teacher and the classes are online at your own pace.