Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall festivals

Autumn has arrived, and with it come various fairs and festivals.  As a boy, I loved going to the fair in my hometown to ride the rides; as I've gotten older, my interest has switched to making an utter pig of myself on fair food ("... that's where a rat can glut-glut-GLUT-GLUUUUUUUUT!").

This year was a little different as it marks both an end and a beginning.  My niece has joined the Coast Guard, and we went to the big Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem the day before she shipped out for basic training for one last uncle-niece day.

Haven't even left the ground yet!

Pretty sure they haven't got these in the Coast Guard!

This is also Caroline's first year at fairs.  It certainly won't be her last!

Mountain Glory Festival, Marion, NC
Classic cars.  Despite Caroline's love for cars, the sound of a hopped-up Chevelle made her nervous.  Maybe because it was enough to shake the ground!

We thought Caroline would enjoy the bouncy houses that were set up.  It took her a little while to figure them out, but she quickly got the hang of it.

But what about a big slide?

How hard can it be for somebody like moi?

This ladder is harder to climb than the one on the playground!
A boost from her godmother and...
Moving right along...

This is a BIG bouncy house!

We all reach our limits, and this bouncy house, which was HUGE, proved a little too much for our girl.

I wonder how she'll do next year?


  1. Looks like fun, other than the last bouncy house! :D I'm sure she'll enjoy it even more next year!

    1. We hope so. We want to expose her to as much as we can as she grows up so that she'll (hopefully) always be open to trying new things when she's older.