Wednesday, April 16, 2014



We had Article 5 pick up on Monday China Time.  Now we are in the Travel Authority wait.  We really want travel authority by April 25 so we can ensure to travel in May.  If we do not get it by April 25, then we may be pushed to travel in the middle of June.  It is hard to think that we may have to wait 45 days to get her after we finally have permission.  It will be the longest 45 days ever. 

We received an update last Monday on Caroline.  Her numbers continue to indicate that she is a tall child.  She may one day tower over me.  That's fine though.  I've always wanted to be tall with long legs.  Hopefully she will be, but no matter her height, she will always be perfect to me.  I so wanted a photo with the Monday update and did not receive one, but on Friday we received a surprise email with a photo of our sweet girl.  She is growing like a weed.  The photo was taken in early March.  So she was 16 months old.  She has changed so much since her 14 month old photos. 

Here she is:

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  1. She is so precious! I hope it goes faster and you get to China and Caroline very very soon. The wait is always too long when they are waiting for you and you for them.
    Happy Easter