Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hat or helmet?

I frequently wear a hat, either a ball cap or a fedora (a habit generally lost among American men due to President Kennedy).  I also loved to play War as a boy.  How gratifying, then, to see my daughter doing... well... one of those things!

Haute couture or ready for the front lines?  You be the judge!


  1. No matter what - hat or helmet - she looks so cute. I love she is imitating what she sees
    When Lia was potty training she put a potty seat on her head! Huh.. Wonder what she was imitating??? Hahaha

    1. Blackadder Goes Forth? Some surviving photos from my fraternity days?

      Any tips or advice on the whole potty training thing, by the way? Did the videos work?

  2. Aw...potty training! It's frustrating for all involved! I never thought I would need so much potty help or stuff but here is what worked for Lia:
    We got a few DVDs, books and apps on the phone!
    The best app was a free one by huggies- I think it was potty time
    The best dvd was The potty movie for girls and Elmo's potty and go potty go
    And the books were Doras potty, and where's the poop. Yep lots of potty gear. The best potty was Karibu Baby Cushion Step Potty, and for on the go was Prince Lionheart weePOD basix, and for a starter potty BABYBJORN Potty Chair. We probably tried 7 pottys
    We also used lots of praise and MnM's
    Good luck