Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What she's up against, pt. 2

Some time ago, I lamented about the pressures that will very likely be brought to bear on my daughter as she grows older: she will be badgered from every TV show, movie, magazine cover, and advertisement to meet a very narrow, very artificial, very commercialized standard of beauty.

And now this...


I don't want to sound like one of those old fudds who think that Al Jolson, talkies and the New Deal signal the end of civilization, but what in the world are people thinking???  Is THIS what we want for our daughters???

On a somewhat related note, Red Thread Broken has a post regarding the "whitening" of dolls and Disney princesses.


  1. My bio daughter is 14. I am a pediatrician. Her BMI is 21. Her weight is the medical definition of perfect. She looks heavy in comparison to her peers. Her friends all eat salad everyday and play three sports. I can tell she is self conscious about her "weight". How could she not be! We are living in a society where girls have to be underweight in order to be considered beautiful. That makes me sad. Girls with normal BMIs come to me all the time during their checkups and tell me how much they struggle with their weight. I tell girls if they are slightly overweight. It breaks my heart seeing this daily.

    A book Chrystal MUST read before Caroline is school aged is "Before You Meet Prince Charming" by Sarah Malley. It is also a book Caroline must real when she is older.

    1. I have read that BMI was intended by it's "inventor" to be merely a descriptive statistic and not a diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, certain doctors have latched onto it and now we're at the mercy of those tables (some countries even have BMI requirements of prospective adoptive parents!).

      Thank you for the heads-up on the book. We shall certainly look into it.