Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some photos from Wuhan and Guangzhou

A "clear" day in Wuhan.  This is actually a bit unfair as the sky did clear up a little while we were there, but this haze was typical
Breakfast at the Poly Hotel, Wuhan.  The buffet featured both Chinese and western food, and had some of the best coffee I've ever drunk

This park was near our hotel in Wuhan.  We found that such parks with gym-type exercize equipment are very common.  The people showed polite and friendly interest in us; this was the start of learning how likable the Chinese can be

Another park in Wuhan.  I had read that it's very common for grandparents to do the day-to-day job of raising children, and we saw quite a few examples of this

My first glimpse of our daughter at Civil Affairs in Wuhan.  Chrystal was overcome with emotion

And the next day, it was official.  A couple of more days of paperwork, and it was off to Guangzhou

There was a McDonalds next to our hotel in Guangzhou.  Caroline really, REALLY liked my hot fudge sundae!

The Liuhuahe Park in Guangzhou was near our hotel. Caroline and I spent a couple of afternoons there.  It was absolutely beautiful: large, peaceful and beautifully maintained, a real treasure in the middle of city of fourteen MILLION people
Grotto in Liuhuahe Park

Caroline and the Caterpillar, Liuhuahe Park

There is a small art gallery in Liuhuahe Park, including this statue of a rather familiar bird out front

Such a nice place for a quiet stroll!  Note that the vegetation is tropical and lush: Guangzhou is (ahem) rather warm in May!

Outside Liuhuahe Park is the bustling city of Guangzhou, known as Canton in the days of the China clippers.  In the distance are construction cranes, which ought to be the national symbol of China as they are EVERYWHERE.  From what we saw of the country, it's charging ahead into the future

Outdoor concert, Liuhuahe Park

Many signs in China are bilingual.  However, sometimes the translation isn't QUITE all the writers might wish!

It's true: the Chinese love ping pong


  1. I love the picture of you, Chrystal and Caroline! So sweet !
    The food looks fantastic! We can't wait to go back - someday. The signs in China were so funny, even though I know they weren't meant to be. I am glad you posted some pictures. It's nice to see China.

    1. Thank you.

      Did you find China as surprising and unexpected as I did? I really feel a fool for being so ignorant about the country. As for going back... I don't say that I'm planning my next vacation there, but I feel quite a lot better about traveling there than I did. Hopefully, before we go back (and we will), I'll actually work hard on my Mandarin so that my communication with the people we meet won't be limited to pointing and grunting like a somewhat backwards Neanderthal.