Friday, June 13, 2014

No I'm Not Taking A Nap

Since we've been home, we have struggled with Caroline taking a nap.  She goes down fairly easily at night, but at nap time she fights it tooth and nail.  We have been letting her sleep in her toddler bed at nap time.  Although she would often scream for 30 minutes or more, most days she would eventually go to sleep in the toddler bed.


Yesterday reached new heights in her refusal to take a nap.  She was acting very sleepy so I put her down around 11:30.  She did her normal screaming for about 20 minutes and then it got quite.  I assumed that Caroline was asleep.  Oh was I wrong about that.  After about 10 minutes, she started crying again.  Jim commented that it sounded like her door was open.  I decided I should check on her.  I stepped into the hall and there she was sitting.  Not only had she climbed out of the toddler bed, she had opened the door and was headed down the hall.  We decided to let her stay up until after lunch.


Just before Jim left for work, he put her back down for a nap.  Once again she cried for about 20 minutes and got quite.  I decided after about 20 more minutes to check on her.  This is what I found:

Notice all the pillows, rails and other protection.  I added pillows to the floor at the end of the bed after I saw this.

She was stuck with her legs dangling at the bottom of the bed.  She was really pouting.  I laid Caroline back down in the bed 4 times.  Thinking that she was finally going to take her nap, I went back to my office in the front of the house to work.  She cried for a few minutes and then it got quite.  Finally sleep, sweet sleep.  WRONG!!!  She was laying in her bed scheming how she was going to get out.  About 20 minutes after laying down, I heard a huge boom and a blood curdling scream.  I panicked and went running forgetting that you have to open the baby gate before you run through it.  I almost fell, but managed to grab the wall to avoid a fall and continued running toward Caroline's room.  When I got there I found her on the floor in the crawl position very close to her toy box.  She had apparently tried to climb down the end of the bed and fell.  After close inspection, I saw that she was fine.  She just scared herself and needed some Mama loving.  Thank God she was not hurt.  I, on the other hand, was not so lucky.  One of the toes on my left foot is most likely stove up and my right foot is covered in bruises. 

My friend Robin happened to be walking up when all of this was going on.  She heard and witnessed the commotion and was very concerned.  Once she made sure we were both ok.  She said "WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD."

I'm a mother and it is so worth it!!!  I am blessed with a smart and curious girl.

Feeling blessed even under the circumstances,



  1. Aw. To nap or not to nap that is the question?!
    Lia is a ..ahem.. um.. Dare I say bad sleeper. She just doesn't need as much as me!
    Good luck - I know it can be a struggle
    Just keep trying and maybe just maybe she can at least have "quiet time" each day!

    1. Caroline is actually a good sleeper... once she goes down. She's started to put two and two together, though:

      "Hmmm... It's after lunch. They're taking me back to the room. Now they're checking my diaper. I'm getting extra cuddles. SAY! Hang on a minute! I know what you people are doing!"

      And the lower lip starts to come out (when she's REALLY cross, one can shelter from the rain under it), the little grunts of displeasure become "the wind up" and... WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

      Jeez, I LIKE taking afternoon naps! I can't figure out why she's got such a down on them.