Thursday, August 7, 2014

A girl's best friend...

... is her dog.  At table, anyway.

Mallory (our bigger, younger, far more stupid dog) has loved Caroline from practically the day they first met.

As if she needed another reason to love her "puppy", Mallory also discovered early on that Caroline is a ready source of food.  It's not that Caroline is trying, as children from time immemorial have done, to get rid of food that she doesn't like.  Her appetite is generally quite good.  Rather, she simply likes feeding Mallory... who is happy to uphold HER part of that bargain!  She has a very soft mouth and gentle manner, and both girl and dog enjoy this mealtime ritual.


Notice The Shetland Sheepdog also lurking in hopes of a free bite.  Sheepdog's attitude towards Caroline is generally much more reserved, as in, "Oh, fabulous.  Juuuuust fabulous.  Here comes the small human again.  Sigh... So much for peace and quiet.  I think I'll go in the other room and hope she doesn't follow." O' course, when there's food to be had, reserve goes by the board.

Unfortunately for Sheepdog, she is much shorter than Mallory and so doesn't usually have as much luck in sampling the contents of Caroline's plate (this is actually a good thing as Sheepdog tends to snap at food).  Mallory has no such problem.

No, no problem at all.

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