Friday, August 22, 2014


When we adopted our daughter, we knew that she'd have to have some surgery when she came home.  It was easy enough, THEN, to say, "Oh, she'll have to have surgery", almost like saying that she'll have to trim her nails or get a haircut.  Now that it's happened, I see just how rough it is for all concerned.  I'm not squeamish, but seeing my daughter come out of the OR, dopey, frightened and looking like she'd been in a major traffic accident, was not at all easy.  I can only imagine how she felt.

No.  On second thought, I can't imagine that.

Happily, Caroline is in a good hospital with excellent nurses and a first-rate surgeon.  More importantly, she's almost constantly surrounded by family and friends (the pastor of my wife's home church came all the way from her hometown for the surgery, and I was VERY glad of it).  Most importantly, she has Mama and Laolao.  She's damned lucky that I'm not in charge of her recovery, as I take a very utilitarian, rough-and-ready approach to this sort of thing, which is not at all what a little girl needs.

She needs the affection and gentleness that only a mother and grandmother can provide, and she's getting plenty of it.


  1. Awwwww, poor baby! So glad that she is being doted on. :D I hope she has a quick recovery!

    1. Thank you so much. At this stage, the principle stumbling block to her recovery is herself. She is not eating and drinking as much as the surgeon tells us that she must, and this is (we think) because she is assertive, independent and downright mulish. THAT'S MY GIRL!

      She dgotten used to feeding herself, and we think she is very cross about NOT being able to do it as she recovers and, given a choice between being hungry on the one hand and being denied her independence on the other, will take an empty belly over loss of control any day.

  2. Hope Caroline is doing well. That's a long stay for a little one :(
    So sorry to hear she's had surgery but it seems as if she is well taken care of! Maybe when she gets home she'll be more herself and comfortable.
    Our little ones go through a lot in life but at least she can go through then with her loving Mama and Baba and family!
    Hang in there guys