Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We're not sure where she learned it, but Caroline is apparently quite the budding shopaholic.  Oh, she just LOVES looking at clothes! 

Upon reflection, we had some warning of this: when we were in China, we had to buy her some shoes (the ones she had were far too large for her little feet), and she REFUSED to look at any but red shoes.  She's definitely a girl who knows her own mind and has an eye for fashion.  Sigh... It starts early!

Hey!  What do you think of this?  Purple's in my palette, right?

Hmmm.... Not bad.  May have to try this one on.

Oh, yeah: I really like this.  Do they have it in a 2T?

Ah, the sale rack: you never know what deals you'll find!

I think I just found my St. Valentine's Day outfit.

I know it's still summer, but cool weather will be here before you know it.



  1. Purple is so in her pallet! What a cute little shopper. Watch out Mom and Dad I think you have a fashionista on your hands!

    1. Yes, she looks great in purple. She doesn't have a lot of purple clothes though. I keep looking for some. I actually bought her the raspberry shirt. It was only $2.99. I got it in a 3T so she could wear it later. She is getting tall, so I expect that she will be wearing a 3T next summer.

  2. Replies
    1. I was just so astonished. I could understand being interested in toys at her age, but CLOTHES??? And it's so strange how she looks at price tags. How did she learn this behavior???