Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chocolate and colors

We knew already that Caroline has a (shall we say?) weakness for chocolate. 


A few days ago, we went to one of the local frozen yoghurt bars for dessert.  As I didn't happen to get any chocolate on mine, I was able to eat it in peace.  Not so my wife, who (foolishly) got chocolate fudge on her sundae and (more foolishly) allowed Caroline to see it.  Let's just say that Chrystal got very little dessert!

I wasn't sure what you were about when you went to those machines in the wall, but there's chocolate, and it tastes GOOD!

I've had to... confiscate... Mama's spoon.

Why did Baba point at my mouth, laugh, and then part my hair like this?  Oh, well, who cares?  I've still got CHOCOLATE!

Last night, the dessert I made had chocolate icing, and she tracked the dish like a fire control radar.  How great was her happiness when a bowl was put before her!  How black her despair when it was empty!  How furious her disappointment when the prospect of seconds was snatched from her as the dish went back to the refrigerator!

I hope Caroline has a high metabolism, else she's going to have the same depressing battle with her waist as ol' Baba.

Caroline has also started learning her colors.  At least, she's looking at the little book that a friend of ours got for her... and she thinks that it's hilarious.  I never knew the word "yellow" was such a hoot.  I hope that this doesn't go on in years to come when she's learning about the visible spectrum in science class.

They keep shoving all these "book" things at me.  Hmm... Let's have a look at this one.

Man, this is funny!

OMG!  This word "yellow" is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life!  I'll have to get Baba to read this one again!

Yes, we know: she was still wearing her bib from supper.  Forgetfulness on our part, or a broad hint that she was ready for more dessert on her part?  You be the judge.


  1. I'm with her when it comes to chocolate! Nothing better.

    1. I have a weakness for sweeties, but it pales to insignificance next to her passion for chocolate.

  2. Chocolate!! A girl after my own heart. :D